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Conferencing on Demand

C&W Business Conferencing on Demand guides mainstream business people to richer, more visual collaboration without the need for any user training. Our service is just as easy to deploy and manage as it is to use. The result is a simple and powerful way to invite guests, join and control your meetings and share your screen in one click.


Just 2 clicks to create a conference invite, formatted with your account details.

  • Create pre-formatted invites from our add-in for Outlook®, smartphone apps, etc.
  • Your invites automatically include the C&W Business Conferencing on Demand join link for fast, simple meeting access.
  • Easily add and remove international dial-in numbers from a country checklist.


Easily join your call without dial-in numbers or long access codes, or you can still dial in if you prefer.

  • As soon as your first guest joins your meeting, it alerts your computer and smartphone. Just click ‘View’ to see who just joined.
  • Click the link in the invite to join from any device. Our solution immediately calls you on the phone number you choose.



During the meeting, you’ll always be in control.

  • From your computer, smartphone or tablet, you’ll always know ‘who just joined’ and ‘who’s that speaking’.
  • If someone’s missing, you can easily add them to the call from your contacts on your smartphone.
  • If someone has background noise, you can mute their line. And if needed, you can record the call or assign a billing code.

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You are browsing the U.S. - Corporate version of our website. If that's not accurate,
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