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The C&W Business Digital Signage SolutionĀ is capable of delivering dynamic and rich-media content onto anywhere, from one to several thousand screens, over any TCP/IP compatible network. It can also deliver up-to-date content and real-time messages remotely through the internet. Multiple users can access an unlimited number of players with just a few clicks and offer an unprecedented Broadcast TV like experience to their audience. The solution allows the creation and definition of user profiles based on more than 80 administrative rulings and is accessible from anywhere via any Web browser on Windows, Linux or Mac consoles.
The C&W Business Digital Signage Solution is comprises of a hosted management server located in the C&W Business Cloud, accessed via a web browser. Content is pushed from this server to the networked media players, which then plays the content onto the display panels. The system supports simultaneous playback of multiple HD content streams on all screen configurations eg. Single, Video Banner, Video Column, Video Wall as well as supporting four types of programmable content:
  • Media Files (all media formats)
  • Templates and Multi-zone screen lay-out
  • Banners and Tilting at TV broadcast quality
  • Triggered Content: Interactive or on-Demand content launched by pre-defined rules or incidents. Playlists can be created which can be dragged and dropped directly onto the programming grid (no need for complex programming languages). Multiple playlists can be combined on the fly and pushed to players based on criteria such as physical location, demographics, language etc.

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