C&W Cloud Voice

Migrate your business communications from on-premises to the cloud. As the market moves from voice to collaboration and from premise-based to cloud services, C&W Business provides a suite of regional products to meet any voice need. Ensuring businesses can save money and boost productivity with our C&W Cloud Voice service, C&W has implemented a state-of-the-art VoIP Cloud environment to deliver a high-quality and reliable end-to-end, fully integrated communication solution under one roof.
Business Trunking SIP Trunking is often the first step to take towards next-generation communications. The PBX or IP PBX is connected to the C&W Cloud Voice via an IP connection. Cloud IP PBX Cloud IP PBX services represent an even richer approach to business communications. The premise-based PBX* is retired and all the services are handled through the C&W Cloud-based Infrastructure. (*PBX: Private Telephone Switch. ) International Toll Free Service (ITFS) ITFS enables corporations to expand their international presence, allowing customers around the world to call you locally, from any country. The call is forwarded to any part in the world using the C&W infrastructure. Inter-Site Connectivity Provides connectivity between the existing corporation’s TDM PBXs via a primary rate interface (PRI) and channel associated signaling (CAS) trunks, or IP PBX via SIP signaling. Cloud Contact Center Cloud Contact Center delivers a comprehensive solution for Global and Regional customers with sophisticated features and functionality. The solution addresses the need to pay for service “on-demand” with flexibility for inbound, outbound and auto-dialing using C&W SIP Trunking Service.
  • Regional Carrier Class platform with resilient switch architecture & clustered servers
  • Telecommuters become part of the main office system; improving communications and employee benefits
  • Platform utilizes rapid provisioning (Zero Touch) and deployment tools
  • Provides off-site call routing, the key to answering customer calls through a business disruption
  • SIP Trunking achieves cost savings by centralization, consolidation and right-sizing

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