Contact Center On Demand (CCOD)


Contact Center on Demand (CCOD) enables inbound, outbound or blended contact centers to operate across multiple channels, with all-in-one reporting and recording and CRM integration. CCOD’s highly competitive feature set offers simplicity in provisioning, support and on-going operations. Designed to get a contact center up and running in hours or days as opposed to months. Contact Center on Demand provides multi-channel capabilities that are reliable, scalable and simplistic for organizations ranging from small- to medium businesses as well as large enterprise needs that incur significant seasonal variations in call volume.
Our solution makes it possible to deploy a contact center solution with robust features, reducing your go-live effort and overall resource allocation. Our solution rapidly accelerates time-to-value for customers, which means that you can implement the program quickly and easily, with minimal distraction from your contact center’s duties. By combining the tools that your agents utilize into one streamlined, easy to navigate channel, you will immediately realize the reliability and simplicity of CCOD. Our solution will help you provide a superior customer experience, with all the tools your agents need right at their fingertips.
  • Seamlessly engage with your customers anywhere
  • No need to justify a long-term commitment
  • Low monthly rental
  • Robust service that grows and adapt to your organization’s needs:
    • No up-front capital investment in infrastructure
    • Turn up features as needed
    • No downtime for upgrades and maintenance
Overall, our flexible, scalable cloud solution enables you to:
  • Drive more ROI with CRM and predictive outbound capabilities
  • Expand to offer complete multi-channel self-service
  • Leverage basic interactive voice responce (IVR) and intelligent skills-based routing

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