Location Based Marketing

With the C&W Location Based Marketing service, you will be able to welcome your visitors, show them the path from one place to another, and interact with them by sending them relevant information, all while identifying opportunities for sales and making them become sales! This is a comprehensive solution composed of beacons, devices which operate through bluetooth technology. In addition, it provides an analysis software, a mobile application, and a management dashboard to improve visitors’ experience every time they visit the corporate facilities through offers per sector that will attract users, differentiating your company from its competitors and achieving greater profits. These offers will not only optimize the tasks of the operation staff, but also generate memorable moments for end users. C&W Location Based Marketing makes your clients feel welcome and supported in a comfortable communication environment, helps people to visit more frequently and increases recommendations for your business


  • Beacons with features to locate clients, send them campaigns, and provide them browsing permits
  • Management portal that allows for visualizing the behavior of visitors, creating campaigns, sending information, and generating reports
  • Support and management of the service by certified specialists
  • Customized consulting services regarding the design, configuration, implementation, and maintenance of the service
  • Reports on the areas of greater traffic, the path of every client while in the facilities, the historical behavior of every client in the facilities, number of visits, messages sent to them, areas with the greatest activity, duration of stay, and a variety of metrics
  • Support for periodic maintenance (twice a year) with visits for evaluating equipment, the quality of the signal, and a change of batteries once a year.
  • Support in the creation of a generic application for mobile devices if the client does not have one or does not have the necessary information to integrate with their existing application.

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