Secured Enterprise Edge

Security begins at the Edge


Did you know that between 75 and 80% of endpoints are believed to be infected by some form of malware?

*Source: Cisco Annual Cyber Security Report 2017 and Ponemon Institute Research 2016

Each device that comes into your network poses a security threat. You need to be prepared to protect, detect, and respond to every possible threat and security breach right from the very edge of your network. With Cable & Wireless Business Secure Edge, you can protect your gates by securing your internet links, hardening your endpoints, and enabling new and secure communication channels for remote workers who may need to tunnel into your network.


  • Helps you tie every possible loose end:
    • Secures your internet links
    • Contains threats from within
    • Ensures a safe passage into your network for remote workers
  • Easy to set up and update — leverages cloud-based solutions to make sure every connected endpoint is up to date
  • Short implementation cycle — our SOC will make sure all your edges are secure in no time
  • Simple pricing
Offers the option to implement greater security locks. For more, see our Secure Apps solution.



  • Firewall features help block malicious code, viruses, and other intrusions
  • Threat management continuously scans the network for vulnerabilities and threats
  • Endpoint security protects desktops and mobile devices alike; BYOD ready
  • VPN secure authentication makes sure your remote branches and teleworkers can enter safely


  • Auto-detect/auto-configured devices
  • Interoperable API for 3rd-party integrations for event correlation, event management, and ticketing


  • State-of-the-art SOC and CSC
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Financially-backed SLAs, if needed
  • 24/7 support
  • Detailed reporting and overall network visibility
  • On-site help or a dedicated team, when needed

We manage the most secure networks in the throughout our markets. We can help you create and manage a strong, policy-driven security architecture to protect your most valuable digital assets at the edge.

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