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Secured Enterprise Applications

Security at every touch point



Did you know that according to the latest Cisco Cybersecurity report 27% of cloud applications pose a high security risk? and that employees and the improper implementation of a security policy are accountable for 72% of all threats?



Get ready to protect, detect, and respond to every possible threat and security breach at the application level with Cable & Wireless Business Secure Applications. You’ll have full assurance that your apps are safe at every touch point. We’ll make sure that your e-mail is secure, users are rightfully authenticated, permissions are properly set, and no one is sniffing around. We’ll also ensure your access ports are restricted, transaction records are encrypted, and your application logs stay clean


  • Minimizes overall security risks, reduces application downtime, and protects your digital assets
  • Reduces emergency and remediation costs
  • Short implementation cycles — our SOC will speedily make sure all your edge is secure
  • Simple pricing
  • Easily stacks with our Secure Edge solution for enhanced security
  • Offers the option to implement greater security locks at the core. For more, see our Secure Core solution

We manage the most secure networks throughout our markets. We can help you create and manage a strong, policy-driven security architecture to protect your most valuable digital assets at the application layer


Our Managed Solution stack offers plenty of options to help you address key business challenges, create leaner business operations and provide great customer experiences. Why wait? Go ahead and explore the many ways in which we can help you achieve REAL business outcomes



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You are browsing the U.S. - Corporate version of our website. If that's not accurate,
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