Managed WAF

Ensure the availability and security of your web applications and application servers with proactive protection against attacks and code vulnerabilities.
The continuing evolution of threats makes conventional perimeter security insufficient for the protection of core online services including websites and applications. C&W Managed WAF protects web application servers by issuing alerts and blocking attacks before they are successful. C&W Managed WAF provides tools for mitigating the risks inherent with web applications including the continuous scanning and analysis of servers and code vulnerabilities plus it adds load balancing and acceleration of web applications. C&W Managed WAF delivers robust management of information security 24×7 through our team of certified security experts. C&W Managed WAF can be implemented both in the client’s premises and C&W’s Data centers, using either virtual or physical appliances, delivering the same standards and quality of service in any scenario


  • Protection against the TOP 10 OWASP threats
  • Auto-learning: Solution automatically and dynamically builds a security model that protects applications through the continuous real-time monitoring of users’ activities
  • Protection against website defacement
  • Support for SSL endpoints
  • Protection from the most common attacks such as SQL Injection and Cross Site Scripting


  • 24 x 7 x 365 support
  • Managed state-of-the-art infrastructure with no initial investment
  • Visibility and control of applications
  • Monthly reports on the behaviour of applications
  • Increase in the integrity and availability of websites
  • Reduced attacks and costs
  • Compliance with PCI, ISO, FISMA, BITS and HIPAA standards
  • C&W Managed WAF is a Physical or virtual solution that can be implemented in the client’s Data Center

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