Managed SIEM

Solution of correlation and security event management in real time, prevention of threats, and reports. This solution includes support 24/7 from our Security Operation Center (SOC).
The SIEM technology provides advanced intelligence for security management. This correlates events and provides visibility to the risks inherent to distributed attacks and the most complex threats in all kinds of networks. Our C&W Managed SIEM solution assesses in real time the context of all events and alarms, the importance of assets involved, and the real risk each of them may cause to differentiate real threats from false positives that are generated in the network daily. The algorithms for detecting alarms are adjusted and monitored 24/7 from our SOC to prevent threats impacting the infrastructure. Our experts take care of your network, even when you cannot do it
  • Attention to incidents by experts 24/7
  • Proactive detection of threats before they materialize.
  • Storage and consultation of logs
  • Analysis of incidents with a forensic console. Regulatory compliance with long-term storage.
  • Detection of threats and prevention of attacks
  • Proactive identification of hosts attacked and the techniques utilized
  • Analysis of vulnerabilities
  • Detection of assets that may be attacked
  • Automatic detection of devices
  • Fully managed turnkey solution
  • Turnkey, Managed Solution
  • No investment, no consulting expenses
  • Web interface for mobile devices in real time
  • Service Level (SLA) ensured
  • Immediate availability from the C&W Cloud
  • Integration of local sensors in remote locations
  • Automatic inventory of critical assets
  • Compliance with multiple regulations
  • Real-time reports on international regulations
  • Monitoring of behavior
  • Detection of anomalies in normal operating conditions

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