Email Security

Ensure that incoming and outgoing emails are free of SPAM, viruses, worms and spyware, therefore increasing the company’s productivity and security.
C&W Email Security reduces risks by offering Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and advanced anti-malware protection. Email is one of the most common and prevalent communication methods in all types of business and work activities. It is considered a critical-mission application. In addition to the large number of spam messages, email is also exposed to sophisticated phishing, bots, spyware, and virus attacks. C&W Email Security provides our clients with robust information security management through a team of security experts certified with the best credentials and certifications in the industry. They will be at your disposal to diagnose and resolve security incidents as well as to give you advice when it comes to protecting your information assets. C&W Email Security can be implemented both in the client’s premises and C&W’s Data centers, using either virtual or physical appliances, delivering the same standards and quality of service in any scenario.


  • Flexibility in implementation (Gateway mode, transparent)
  • Scanning of viruses/spyware in SMTP emails
  • AV support for nested and compressed files
  • Quarantine for infected files
  • Signature scanning
  • Heuristic scanning
  • Marking a message as SPAM.


  • 24/7/365 support
  • Management of state-of-the-art infrastructure with no initial investment
  • Email visibility and control
  • Monthly reports on email behavior, including viruses detected
  • Elimination of threats that use the email as an attack vector
  • Increase of employees’ productivity
  • Comprehensive protection against combined threats such as SPAM, viruses, and spyware
  • C&W Email Security is a Physical or virtual solution that can be implemented in the client’s Data Center.

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