Data Center Security

Build an efficient security model and protect the services in your Data Center and in C&W ́s Data Centers through the consulting and monitoring services of our group of experts from the Security Operations Center (SOC).
The diverse nature of Data Centers and the rapid evolution towards “Cloud Computing” require new and better ways of protecting this environment. C&W Data Center Security provides our clients a unified, strong security protection for physical and virtualized environments. This allows for ensuring the agility and availability of your operation. All the infrastructure hosted in a Data Center is critical! This is why it is the main target of attack for cyber criminals. They know it contains valuable information. The C&W Data Center Security services provide a set of security solutions that ensure the integrity and continuity of your infrastructure resources as well as the flexibility to adapt the network requirements and security to a virtual environment from the Data Center through an efficient security strategy. C&W Data Center Security consists of security solutions recommended by our group of security experts. These recommendations are made based on best practices and associated to risk management. The best practices ensure that, every time the client wants to add services to the Data Center, the information as well as C&W Business and the client’s reputation are duly protected. Through our C&W Data Center Security services, we provide the same security services with the same standards and quality of service both in our premises and in the client’s.


  • Proactive reaction in case of security incidents
  • Detailed information and recommendations on the necessary actions to take in case of new threats and risks
  • Security Operation Center (SOC) for monitoring activities and attention to incidents 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Local resources to provide the appropriate support
  • Fully-scalable service
  • Comprehensive management of risks in the whole infrastructure.


  • Turnkey solutions managed by C&W Business
  • Prevention of threats before they materialize and affect your most valuable assets
  • Integration of the Data Center and network security
  • Granularity in the security design according to the specific needs of each application
  • Early alerts on new threats, Zero-Day intelligence for malware, viruses, worms, exploits and security attacks
  • Broad protection of the infrastructure available in C&W Business’s Data Centers
  • Solutions that can be implemented in the client’s Data Center

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