C&W Server Penetration Test

Learn about critical vulnerabilities that may affect your whole infrastructure and receive recommendations to act proactively.  
In recent years, we have learned that all companies, no matter their size or industry, may be attacked by cyber criminals. These attacks often cause serious damage to the company’s and its brands’ reputation, as well as service unavailability. C&W Server Penetration Test identifies the most critical vulnerabilities by monitoring computer and network systems through internationally-tested methodologies. Our experts simulate the same activities performed by hackers searching for both internal and external threats. C&W Server Penetration Test aims to make a broad and comprehensive report on threats found. This report also includes recommendations to take the necessary steps to protect computers from a malicious hacker.

Companies do not need to be attacked to take action! C&W Server Penetration Test allows your company to act proactively and learn about security in your infrastructure. This includes:

Server Penetration Test

Penetration Tests are normally referred to as ETHICAL HACKING. These are a security analysis service that focuses on detecting failures in networks and their infrastructure (for example, servers and its components). This test includes the active analysis of vulnerabilities detected in networks.

Web Applications Penetration Test

More than 70% of attacks are aimed at the application layer. This test monitors web applications from its coding in search of errors and SQL or cross-site-scripting injection problems. This test includes the active analysis of vulnerabilities detected.  

SAP Environment Penetration Test

The SAP Penetration Test simulates actions by a malicious hacker when trying to access the SAP platform for espionage, sabotage, and fraud.  

DDoS simulation

In case your company needs to perform a simulation of a DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) or an attack in its own networks, our team of experts will perform extreme-load performance tests in your website or SOA services. Our distribution-test service can generate all the traffic needed to verify the protection mechanisms.

Public Cloud Penetration Test

This service will help you ensure that the Cloud services you are using are safe and will provide you with an action plan if vulnerabilities are detected. This test is made by performing real-time pro-active attacks with the same techniques used by malicious hackers in search of vulnerabilities to be analyzed.

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