Controlling your network at your fingertips


Your business needs to be kept up to date. Start by enabling an efficient connectivity service based on your current reality.

C&W Business Smart Connectivity is a cost-effective and customizable solution based on your business needs, supported by robust and reliable connectivity.

Our service, in addition to it’s integrated security, offers you traffic prioritization for Cloud-based applications such as Azure and AWS. You will also be able to view your network traffic and application consumption from a simple and easy-to-manage control panel.

Improve your network management, gain enterprise-level control, and achieve consistent performance with Smart Connectivity from C&W Business.

Main benefits:

  • Guaranteed productivity for your team, thanks to reliable and dedicated connectivity.

  • Integrated protection for your company information and that of your clients.

  • Scalability to adapt to the needs of your business as it grows.

  • Simplified management and control of network traffic, to adapt it around the needs of the moment.



  • Simplicity

    • Traffic prioritization
    • Optimization in the use of applications
    • Built-in security
  • Scalability

    • Direct fibern
    • Dedicated GPON
  • End-to-end network visibility

    • Analysis and reports on performance and usage through a centralized dashboard
    • Employee-to-business application visibility
  • Greater efficiency

    • Consistent network performance with robust connectivity
    • Gain network insight through greater visibility and scheduled reports
    • Leverage C&W’s expertise and B2B support
  • Complementary solutions:

    • DDoS Protection
    • Web Application Firewall
    • Email Security

At C&W Business we provide connectivity services that offer your business what it needs. We have a team of experts ready to help you achieve business goals.

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