Enabling The Digital Transformation Of Your Business


Did you know that upgrading your corporate WAN helps you optimize costs and increase the performance of your network?

According to research by International Data Corporation (IDC), corporate use of the SD-WAN market will increase by 30.8% between 2019 and 2023, reaching USD $5.25 billion.

Meanwhile, Frost & Sullivan published another study which indicates that 35% of IT managers plan to use a hybrid cloud in the next 2 years, which will drive the demand for SD-WAN solutions.

*Sources: IDC 2019 & Frost Radar TM Global SD-WAN Market 2020.

SD-WAN is a solution that manages networks reliably and efficiently. It offers flexibility to use different types of connectivity regardless of whether it is public or private.

Through this service, your IT department will have complete visibility of what is happening on your network thanks to its information management and visualization portal that generates accurate reports.

SD-WAN: enabling the digital transformation of your business

  • Simplicity:

    Reduce the complexity in the administration of your network. Get self-management configuration on your devices as well as a solution with entralized visibility of the entire corporate network.

  • Scalability:

    SD-WAN by C&W Business provides you with the ability to dynamically change your traffic and application priority level as required. It also allows you to manage all your connections according to your needs without affecting the stability of your organization.

  • Business Agility:

    Respond effectively to market conditions through a series of statistical and configurable reports that will provide you with real-time data to facilitate decision-making.

  • Access Qualified Specialists:

    C&W Business will provide you with support for incidents 24/7 in the local language, with highcapacity connectivity, next-generation security for your data and extraordinary integration with your current networks and systems.

  • Connect with Maximum Security:

    Strengthen the protection of information that crosses your links, thanks to the encryption and security capabilities offered by SD-WAN.

  • Costs Optimization:

    Obtain better distribution of cost per Mbps and integration of your access networks, such as MPLS and Internet, in a scalable way.



  • SD-WAN Equipment

    Device configured through a centralized platform that sends policies and routing configurations for the integration of WAN and LAN connections.

  • Zero Touch Provisioning Platform

    Makes it easy for devices to be provisioned and configured automatically eliminating most of the manual work involved in adding them to a network.

  • SD-WAN Dashboard

    Provides centralized visibility that allows you to monitor the entire network, view statistics and download reports based on your needs.

  • Analytics

    Allows you to view all the information filtered by location, data ranges and devices.

  • Reports

    Generate and customize reports; additionally, you have the option to schedule emails in PDF or CSV format and download them as required.

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