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Managed Wi-Fi Advanced

A RELIABLE Wi-Fi service for employees, customers, and guests with an extra layer of intelligence to help you understand user behavior and deliver a return on your investment



The road to a high-performing Wi-Fi network for all your people and throughout your sites is full of challenges. Capacity, Coverage, Security, Density, and Cost are all BIG concerns. With Cable & Wireless Business’s Managed Wi-Fi Advanced, you can make Wi-Fi connectivity simple — regardless of the size and complexity of your network, and extract the full value of your Wi-Fi services


You’ll gain full visibility of customers’ and guests’ behavior and plenty of other analytics and targeted marketing features that will enable you to drive new revenue and deliver quick a return on your investment


Enjoy all the benefits of our Managed Wi-Fi Solution plus:

  • Website Analytics for the real, physical world
  • Understand how demographics move in your space
  • Measure the dwell time of visitors in your venue
  • Access real-time data at venue, company, or group level
  • Create highly-targeted marketing campaigns
  • Create operational efficiencies, save money, and boost revenue

We implement and manage the best performing Wi-Fi networks in the Caribbean. Let us build the right one for you



Our Managed Solution stack offers plenty of options to help you address key business challenges, create leaner business operations and provide great customer experiences. Why wait? Go ahead and explore the many ways in which we can help you achieve REAL business outcomes



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You are browsing the U.S. - Corporate version of our website. If that's not accurate,
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