C&W Business can design and build MPLS-based networks to help businesses prioritize critical data traffic with multiple classes of service. Our MPLS L3VPN service supports:

Real Time

Created to offer the best possible quality of service in applications requiring low packet loss rate, low delay and low jitter. Real Time is recommended for voice and video over IP as the highest level of service possible with standard contracted bandwidth up to 30%. For high intensive real time traffic, C&W Business can design a solution that allows the use of Real Time up to the port speed.

Prioritized Business

Used for business critical applications that require traffic to be prioritized over any other traffic (except Real Time); offers a guaranteed minimum bandwidth.

Business Non-Prioritized

Used for lower priority traffic and not susceptible to delay applications such as email.

Best Effort

As the service class with lowest priority it uses the bandwidth available to the extent that other classes are not using service traffic; for non-critical backups or share files.
MPLS-based VPNs provide a platform for the rapid deployment of additional value-added IP services including: intranets, extranets, voice, multimedia, and network commerce. It ensures seamless integration with stakeholder intranets and “any-to-any” connectivity scalability for extended intranets and extranets that encompass multiple businesses.

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