Managed WiFi

A RELIABLE Wi-Fi service for your employees, customers, and guests everywhere!

The road to a high-performing Wi-Fi network for all your contacts and throughout your sites is full of challenges. Capacity, coverage, security, density, and cost are all big concerns. Cable & Wireless Business Managed Wi-Fi makes Wi-Fi connectivity simple, regardless of the size and complexity of your network. You will be able to securely connect any type of device from virtually anywhere. You’ll have the freedom to decide who can access what data and how customers and guests connect while enjoying full visibility concerning who accesses each of your digital assets.


  • Suited for multiple-use cases:
    • High-density areas (optimized for 100+ guests per access point, if needed)
    • Large campuses (centrally managing thousands of wireless APs and switches)
    • Multiple sites under one management (cloud-based)
    • Remote branches (site-to-site VPN provisioning, monitoring, and troubleshooting)
    • BYOD
  • Quick to deploy
  • Allows you to pay only for what you need with a simple pricing model
  • Offers the option to implement greater visibility and control mechanisms. For more, see our retail analytics solutions.


High Performing

  • Best-of-breed indoor/outdoor access points
  • Best-in-class 802.11ac Wave 2 wireless with gigabit throughput
  • MIME architecture (supports multiple client devices simultaneously)


  • Easy-to-grow, zero-touch installs
  • Interoperable: Supports 3rd-party integrations and can be used in conjunction with our retail analytics solution


  • Continuous monitoring
  • Layer 7 traffic shaping to easily throttle, block, or prioritize applications and prevent bandwidth hogs


  • 99.9%+ availability
  • 24/7 support
  • On-site help, if needed
  • RMA replacement


  • Enterprise-grade security and authentication
  • Isolated, secure guest Wi-Fi and multiple SSIDs, if needed
  • Continuous scans and protects against security threats

We implement and manage the best-performing Wi-Fi networks throughout our markets. Let us build the right one for you.

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