Networking & Connectivity Solutions

Digital transformation has hit businesses by storm and disrupted the way we do business. Competition no longer knocks at your door from 9 to 5; it is now a 24/7 assault that is often times unseen until your customers are gone!

Don’t get left behind; get connected to the fastest, most secure and reliable network. Whether your business is large or small, we have the right solution for you to maintain your competitive advantage and delight your customers



With Cable and Wireless Managed Networking Services you now have the chance to:

  • Securely connect ALL your endpoints and sites
  • Optimize network, device and application performance
  • Reduce application downtime
  • Gain real-time visibility into all your assets

You get our comprehensive data and voice-management solutions, backed by our team of experts. Available 24/7



Why C&W Business?

We offer a comprehensive, ONE STOP SHOP for IT services, to make sure you deliver GREAT Customer Experiences

Lean on us to create new operational efficiencies, and deliver a new standard in IT services

We have a DEDICATED TEAM of experts working with companies like yours 24/7. We know what GREATNESS looks like and we want to help you get there

Take the complexity out of IT and start creating BETTER Customer Experiences and LEANER Business operations

Networking Portfolio


Image for Managed DIA

Managed DIA

Getting your business SECURELY connected

Image for Managed WAN/LAN

Managed WAN/LAN

Greater performance. Less downtime. Securely connecting ALL your endpoints and sites.

Image for Managed Wi-Fi

Managed Wi-Fi

A RELIABLE Wi-Fi service for your employees, customers, and guests everywhere!

Image for Managed Wi-Fi Advanced

Managed Wi-Fi Advanced

Managed Wi-Fi Advanced

Image for Smart Connectivity

Smart Connectivity

A solution that allows you to synchronize your business and give you a 100% intelligent administration.
Monitor the performance of your bandwidth at any time and in the simplest way.


Let's Connect!