Hosted XenMobile

Increase the productivity and satisfaction of employees by implementing a secure mobility strategy that protects the business´ critical data, even for devices that do not belong to the company.
C&W Hosted XenMobile is a business mobility management solution that ensures information security for users of mobile devices and applications. With one click, users get all Windows, SaaS and mobile applications from a unified business application store. This includes the fully integrated email, browser, data sharing and backup applications.

C&W Hosted XenMobile integrates the following solutions:

  • WorxMail is a secure mobile application for contacts, calendar and emails that helps users obtain the most important content quickly.
  • WorxWeb is a mobile web browser similar to a browser that provides access to Internet and Intranet sites and is protected according     to IT policies.
  • WorxNotes is a business note-taking application with calendar and email integration to offer simplified mobile work flows.
  • ShareFile is a cloud-based file-sharing service that allows users to exchange documents easily and safely.
  • C&W Hosted XenMobile offers robust management of information security by a team of certified experts who install, configure, and administer the solution designed for the client.
  • Services
  • Configures, secures and provides mobile devices.
  • Controlled and secure access to shared drives on the private network.
  • Secure browser (Internet) (WorxWeb).
  • Secure browser (Intranet/private network) (WorxWeb).
  • Secure client for email, contacts and calendar (WorxMail).
  • Support for single sign-on multifactor.
  • Secure editing and synchronization of documents (ShareFile).
  • Storage in private Cloud provided by C&W Business.
  • Administration of mobile content on any device.
  • Selective deletion of all device information in case of loss or theft.

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