Enterprise Virtual Desktop

Secure access to all functionality, data, and applications on your desktop from any device.

  • C&W Enterprise Virtual Desktop is a turnkey solution that includes virtual desktops and end-user devices (optional) enabling mobility and increasing employee productivity, while reducing the costs for supporting and upgrading the desktop estate.
  • C&W Enterprise Virtual Desktop offers the conversion of any device into a fully functional work station. Data and applications are run and stored in our world-class datacenters with a high-availability infrastructure and network. This ensures access, control, and security for your business processes.
  • C&W Enterprise Virtual Desktop integrates tools for monitoring and automating deployment of desktops and applications, allowing IT Managers and the Help Desk to manage the user experience.
  • C&W Enterprise Virtual Desktop ¬†integrates seamlessly with existing corporate applications, providing users with the same interface on all devices.


  • Dedicated and shared desktops.
  • Unlimited increase of capacity (storage/ processing/memory/connectivity).
  • Secure remote working and mobility.
  • High availability infrastructure.
  • Monitoring tools for desktops and users.
  • Real-time web portal for auto-supplymated deployment for applications and virtual desktops.
  • Universal support for end-user operating systems and devices.
  • Access to data from anywhere and any device.
  • Customization of the graphic interface, including company name and logo.
  • Compatibility with printers, scanners, fax machines, barcode readers and other devices.

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