End User SaaS

Access applications from anywhere, through the same interface, on any device, eliminating the problems of support to end users as well as licensing and updating costs.
C&W End User Software as a Service allows users to access applications securely from anywhere and through any device with a comprehensive corporate application store with a simple interface. C&W End User Software as a Service eliminates operating costs because applications are managed and accessed from our world class datacenters with a high-availability infrastructure and unlimited bandwidth. C&W End User Software as a Service enhances users´experience and satisfaction while improving IT productivity and efficiency through a service which is installed, managed, and supported by experts.

Hosted SharePoint

  • Manage and ensure the company’s information, keeping it centralized in world class Datacenters and eliminating management and IT infrastructure support issues.
  • C&W Hosted SharePoint allows for storing company data in an organized and controlled way. We offer different plans to meet our clients’ requirements and needs.
  • C&W Hosted SharePoint allows organizations to protect their information. This service provides communication tools such as Social Networking, through which employees will be able to issue and receive the organization’s announcements.
C&W Hosted SharePoint is implemented from C&W Business’s world-class Datacenters, which meet the highest quality standards. This service is monitored and managed by our expert staff 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Management of documents: Manage the company’s information and keep it centralized and secured.
  • Synchronization of OneDrive folders: Create and modify documents without an Internet connection. The company’s SharePoint will synchronize the folders created for each end user.
  • Privileges on folders per groups: Assign permissions to access folders according to each employee’s profile as defined in the Active Directory.
  • Ability to send email notifications on additions: Notify your colleagues about the creation or modification of folders or files by sending them an automated weekly or monthly email.
  • Social Networking: Interact and share information and ideas within the SharePoint community.

C&W Office 365

Utilize MS Office applications directly from the Cloud, schedule meetings online, share content, and manage your email with a corporate-quality service with top support from our CSC.

  • MS Office Professional Package: By contracting Office 365, our clients access the full package of Microsoft Office desktop applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, and OneNote. Rest assured that these applications will always have the lastest version, and you will not need to perform those annoying updates.
  • Email: Have email accounts of 50GB that can send emails of up to 25MB with shared calendars among contacts, and malware and spam protection that is always up-to-date. Built with Exchange technology, this solution is a leader in companies around the world. Use your own domain for professional email accounts, connect to Outlook to access full support offline, and access your emails through any modern web browser. You can access this service from your PC or Mac, and from your Windows Phone, iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices.
  • Collaboration and Private Social Networks: Establish a social network that allows your company to stay connected, share information among teams, and make quicker decisions. Access the corporate Skype service.
  • Simplified IT Management: Minimize your problems by reducing your IT infrastructure. The content is securely maintained in Datacenters globally distributed and is able to be recovered if a disaster occurs.
  • Online Storage and Exchange of Documents:  Access MS SharePoint: Access 1TB of space in the Cloud of storage, make security copies, and share files easily. Files can be accessed from almost any device, are synchronized offline, and are available without the need for Internet connection.
  • Technical support: By subscribing to C&W Office 365, you will have access to technical support 24/7 from a global network of experts, with 1 hour response time for critical events that impact the service. As an added value, the first level of support is provided directly by our Customer Service Center (CSC).
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA): Rest assured that your services are available whenever you need them with an ensured availability of 99.9% by a financially supported Service Level Agreement.

Legacy Virtualized Applications

Allows any application, even in-house and legacy applications, to be accessed from any device and operating system at no expense regarding development or infrastructure.

  • C&W Legacy Virtualized Applications allows for virtualizing any application to be accessed from anywhere and on any device without modifying the code, allowing employees to access applications while complying with the company’s security policies.
  • C&W Legacy Virtualized Applications eliminates operating costs on the upgrade and application of patches, as well as investments in growth and upgrading of the infrastructure, especially in client-server architectures.
  • C&W Legacy Virtualized Applications integrates with our Enterprise Application Store solution, allowing users to access corporate applications securely from anywhere and on any device through a corporate application store.


  • Virtualization of in-house applications.
  • Access to applications from anywhere and on any device.
  • Optimization of licensing costs.
  • Web portal to access applications based on requested user profiles.
  • Secure access to applications.

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