Mobile Device & Expense Management (MDM+ Plus)

Centralized and Efficient Administration of Mobility

MDM+ Plus is a cloud-based cross-platform Mobile Management solution combined with real time wireless expense management.
  • Management of Devices, Applications and Content.
  • Real time mobile usage tracking, dashboard and reporting.
  • Secures, monitors, manages and supports mobile devices deployed across different mobile operators, service providers and enterprises.
  • Includes over-the-air distribution of applications, data and configuration settings for Android and iPhone OS.
  • Helps in securing proprietary data on devices and reducing the device configuration cost without losing mobility of devices.

Key Features

Main reasons when a centralized control of mobile devices results in a faster ROI:

  • Fast & Simple Deployment: No IT integration required, “Plug & Play” web portal & mobile app.
  • User Policy Management: Bring Your Own Device / Corporate Owned Personally Enabled.
  • Usage monitoring for both local and roaming networks
  • Device Management: Complete detailed visibility of mobile assets.
  • Content Management: Secure distribution of sensitive corporate data.
  • Security Management: Avoid data breach by encryption of content.
  • Application Management: Centralized & remotely control app usage and in-device catalogue.
  • Compliance: Force in-device rules, policies, conditions, limits.
  • Data Analytics: Real-Time Dashboard and Reporting

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