Software Defined Datacenter (SDDC)

Our virtual data center VDC, VPC, combined with our traditional IaaS, or a dedicated server. A true hybrid cloud.

C&W Software-Defined Data Center offers the following services:


C&W Virtual Datacenter

The Virtual Data Center (VDC) is a set of Cloud solutions for the rapid and seamless deployment of infrastructure resources in a safe and reliable way. The VDC service allows clients to manage the resources (CPU, RAM, Storage, networks, virtual IPs) included in their Virtual Datacenters. These resources depend on the needs of the client´s business. With the VDC model, there is a fixed monthly fee for the selected resources. There will be no additional charges for the distribution, creation or modification of new environments or Virtual Machines (VMs) within the selected capabilities. This allows the client to have a predictable scenario of costs, a more efficient use of their resources, and greater flexibility in the development of their projects.
The VDC service is supported by state-of-the-art hardware. It is ideal for clients who need higher performance, robustness, quality and availability of their applications, which differentiates us from many Clouds in the market.
  • Enterprise-Grade Designed to support critical workloads, this VDC is focused on increasing the performance and availability.
  • Standard-Grade This VDC is designed to support business applications that are not so intensive or daily processes and workloads while maintaining quality and robustness.
The process for managing accounts is performed through C&W’s Cloud Managed Portal. Clients are provided with a username and a password. When selecting where to run their workload, customers evaluate multiple qualities. For example, supporting 10 users is not the same as supporting 100 users. With C&W’s Virtual Datacenter, clients can create as many VMs as their resources support. The price will be the same. In short, it does not matter what characteristics and features your workload requires. The Standard and Enterprise versions of C&W’s Virtual Datacenter are the most flexible and efficient answers you need.

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