C&W Power p as a Service

C&W POWER P a as Service is a customized solution that allows for adapting to our clients’ IT needs through different affordable services, architectures, and financial models that make us not only a service provider, but also an ally in your growth and transformation strategies.

Our POWER P Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution for AIX and/or Linux environments is composed of a set of services that can adapt to meet your business needs in a dynamic and flexible way. This service can be composed of:

  • Connectivity (MPLS, VPN)
  • Connectivity of the network (WAN, LAN)
  • Perimeter security
  • Datacenter infrastructure at a regional level
  • Computing capacities according to the model (processor, memory, and storage)
  • Licensing of virtualization software
  • Licensing of the Operating System included (AIX, Linux)
  • Licensing of Databases (optional)
  • Infrastructure of SAN storage
  • Backup infrastructure (hardware and software)
  • Operation, monitoring, and management services

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