Oracle as a Service

C&W Oracle as a Service Service allows organizations to have an Oracle-based corporate IT environment (infrastructure, software, connectivity, management, monitoring, support, maintenance, backup, redundancy, contingency), maximizing their performance and minimizing the costs. Our C&W Oracle as a Service solution includes: Oracle servers designed to deliver excellent performance, simplified management and profitable efficiencies, incorporated virtualization, management in the Cloud, and management of Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, and Oracle Enterprise Manager, as well as the installation, management, monitoring, and support of Oracle Databases.
C&W Oracle as a Service allows for having basic environments, high availability, and critical-mission high performance. This can include the following services: Platform Activation and configuration of servers, installation of the Operating System, virtualization, storage, and installation of Databases. Continued services Preventive maintenance and corrective support, activation and configuration of servers, installation of the Operating System, virtualization, storage, installation of Databases. Advanced services Restoration of backups, changes to configuration parameters, changes to backup routines, analysis once every three months of the Database environment, Solaris management, Oracle VM management, environment management.
Organizations will have more time and resources to focus on their business. By contracting our C&W Oracle as a Service solutions, their will have the following benefits:
  • No upfront investment in infrastructure, Datacenter, and quality services
  • Control of expenses. Fixed monthly cost for using the solution
  • Reduction of levels of risk (greater security and availability)
  • No multiple providers (HW, SF, OS, and support)
  • Fast provisioning of equipment
  • No annual payment of licensing and maintenance
  • Control of obsolescence of equipment
  • Speed in meeting your business needs
  • Greater flexibility to meet your commercial needs
  • Greater quality of IT services for your business
  • Focus on the IT activities of the business
  • Focus on your management activities instead of your operating activities
  • No CapEx
  • No general expenses (power, cooling, Datacenter space)

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