One Choice, multiple clouds


The best cloud option is the one that suits your needs.

The Multicloud Business Solutions is the new C&W Business proposal that integrates Microsoft Azure and offers everything a company needs to enhance its business model, from a single cloud service orchestration platform.

Enjoy the advantages of Microsoft’s cloud, within the C&W Business multicloud strategy, utilizing the only Tier 1 provider in the English Speaking Caribbean and one of the few select partners in Latam. With the support of the extensive fiber optic network of C&W Business, your business can take the first step towards digital transformation.

If you are looking to lead the digital transformation for your company and provide a better experience for your customers, Multicloud Business Solutions is the way to go.

Available Q4’21 in Colombia & Trinidad. Coming soon to the rest of CWC in 2022.

Main benefits:

  • Simplicity to innovate from a single and centralized Multicloud portal platform.

  • Business-class support with trained and certified technicians 24/7.

  • Opportunity to combine the best of cloud services in one place.

  • Cost optimization to accelerate business priorities and reduce risk.

  • Flexibility to scale when infrastructure or business needs require it.

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Image for Virtual Data Center

Virtual Data Center

Virtual Datacenter is a set of cloud solutions for the rapid and transparent deployment of infrastructure resources in a secure and reliable way.



  • High performance

    Platform supported by the most extensive fiber optic network in the region.

  • Simple

    Management from a single portal and with a single service provider.

  • Safe

    for your most critical business functions using Cloud managed operations with technological innovation and security elements.

At C&W Business we provide connectivity services that offer your business what it needs. We have a team of experts ready to help you achieve business goals.

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