C&W  Virtual Private Cloud


C&W Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a set of solutions in the Cloud to allocate infrastructure resources in a quick, secure, and reliable way. The VPC service allows clients to manage the resources that will be included in their virtual Datacenters (CPU, RAM, storage, networks, virtual IPs), depending on their business needs. It delivers virtual machines in a controlled virtual Datacenter environment through a client account based on a pre-defined “credit” and payment per use. With the VPC model, there is no monthly fee for the selected resources. The payment amount depends on how the resources are used.

The VPC is supported by first-line hardware. It is ideal for clients who need greater performance, robustness, quality, and availability for their applications. This differentiates us from many Clouds in the market. All of this is under a consumption model in which you only pay for the resources used, and in which there is not a minimum time commitment.


The client can take the VPC service as a self-managed service in which they can access their resources through a management portal. This service can also be fully managed by C&W Business. The client will be able to create virtual machines for business environments with critical workloads (Advance) or for applications with daily workloads (Standard).

The accounts can have multiple users. The resources can be shared by all users or restricted to some users. The accounts are managed through the C&W Cloud Management Portal. Clients are provided usernames and passwords.

To meet the different needs and workloads, C&W VPC allows for the creation of as many VMs as necessary. Clients can also adjust these VMs or delete them, according to their business needs. They pay for what they use

The typical cases of use are:

  • Temporary applications
  • Test servers
  • Limited time projects

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