C&W Business Cloud Continuity

C&W Business Cloud Continuity keeps clients “always on”, up and running during any unexpected disturbance.  The cloud’s seamless replication continuously replicates mission critical servers and data. When necessary it fails over and allows for fail back with the simple click of a button.

Cloud Continuity Solutions

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Disaster Recovery as a Service

Way more than simple data backup and security.

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Backup Solutions

Never worry about losing valuable data again

A comprehensive suite of managed solutions, C&W Business Cloud Continuity addresses business continuity and disaster recovery requirements, no matter how critical our clients’ business applications are. With no capital investment required and delivered “as a service”, our solutions allow for immediate data and revenue protection. C&W Business Cloud Continuity ensures our clients can conduct “business as usual” from any cloud-connected device, from any location. Much more than Disaster Recovery, our Cloud Continuity provides continuity that is inclusive of all needs, with end server maintenance around the clock, including nights and weekends.  Support is ensured via our Tier I, II and III-type regional Network Operation Centers (NOC) dispersed throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and South Florida.  These centers are staffed by fully-trained bilingual teams ready to assist, as needed. The C&W Business Cloud Continuity portfolio includes:

Seamless Replication

Real-time data replication at the block level provides near instantaneous failover and failback capability for the most critical production servers. Failover is rapid and seamless, with users and applications up and running in minutes. Ensuring continued service for your company and uninterrupted access for your customers. The failback process synchronizes the changed data, while users continue to access their applications and data files and then seamlessly redirects users to the production environment. Includes hardware, software, remote datacenter space, power, cooling, connectivity, and people to monitor the services.

Easy Backup

Offers online backup and retrieval system for both physical and virtual servers, as well as desktops and laptops. With no capital investment required, Easy Backup can be installed quickly and easily, immediately protecting important data. With user-friendly interfaces, Easy Backup removes the burden from the “Help Desk” to recover unintentionally lost data.
C&W Business Cloud Continuity clients enjoy these key advantages:
  • Seamless replication with easy recovery via a mouse click
  • A solution with access to a fully managed NOC that includes alerts, predictive analysis, easy installation and manageability
  • Consistent, around the clock availability
  • Data Center Solutions
  • Infrastructure as a Service

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