Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure is C&W Business answer to Infrastructure as Service (IaaS) needs. Cloud Infrastructure delivers all the benefits and flexibility of cloud computing, without upfront investments.
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Virtual Datacenter

The Virtual Data Center (VDC) is a set of Cloud solutions for the rapid and seamless deployment of infrastructure resources in a safe and reliable way.

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X86 as a Service

C&W Business x86 as a Service allows for adapting of your IT needs through different affordable services, architectures, and financial models.

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Power p as a Service

Benefit from the reliability of the IBM Power servers without the inconvenient high purchasing and operating costs.

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Power i as a Service

Benefit from the reliability of the IBM Power servers without the inconvenient high purchasing and operating costs.

C&W Business Cloud Infrastructure allows organizations to construct their own “private cloud”, with server configuration customized to meet specific needs, vision and budgets. With simple monthly fee based on the computing power, storage, amount of space and bandwidth used and with the flexibility to add or reduce processing power, expand storage space or upgrade other features as required, all size businesses can cost-effectively move into the cloud. Cloud Infrastructure gives organizations more control over operations, simplifies the complexities of IT and streamlines expenses. C&W Business Cloud Infrastructure clients enjoy these key advantages:
  • World-class connectivity and unlimited capacity, without upfront investment
  • Scalable access, with unlimited bandwidth capacity to connect locally, regionally or internationally.
  • Enable business innovation
  • Predictable and cost effective monthly pricing
  • Data security, supported by the CBS eco-system
  • Business continuity, without interruption during any disaster, threat or business disruption

C&W Business makes consumption of IT extremely flexible

C&W Business announced the availability of its self-provisioning portal for consumption of IT resources. Thanks to the innovative business models made possible by this service, the buzz for the new flexible IT consumption is growing. The vast majority of business in the markets that C&W Business serves will be able to greatly benefit from this service.

For starters, there are two cloud environments: a Preferred-Cloud and an Enterprise-Cloud. This means you can have your business critical applications running out of an environment that offers a higher SLA and your day-to-day applications running from an environment that offers better performance than most clouds in the market. The bottom line comes down to our philosophy: Don’t pay extra for performance you don’t need and don’t lack performance where you need it most. C&W Business also offers consumption-based and capacity-based billing models. With our Virtual Data Center, you can create and re-create as many virtual machines as you want with no extra fees or charges. Within a given “box” of virtual resources, the only limit for the number of VM’s that you can create is physical. In this billing model, everything is billed on a fixed monthly capacity-based invoice. On the other hand, both our Preferred and Enterprise-grade clouds can be billed on a true consumption basis. While some providers bill on a consumption base that require a minimum of 720 hours a month, C&W Business truly bills based on an hourly-basis. Activate a VM in the morning, shut it down in the afternoon, and you’ll only pay for those hours the VM was on
Combine this flexibility to consume IT resources on a corporate multi-tenant environment with the ability to deliver dedicated private clouds with a management portal on top of it and you’ll see the potential of your IT environments increase exponentially and on your terms! Finally, C&W Business has also introduced flexible usage-base model of proprietary platforms such as IBM i/OS (former AS400), IBM AIX, and Oracle Solaris (SPARC and X86) that in combination with the models above allow for truly hybrid IT built customized to your needs, no matter what they are. One great way to think about these services are to compare them to building blocks. If you have five boxes with five different block colors in each box, by permutation you can create 3125 different combinations of those blocks, always based on standard parts!

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