SAP Hosting as a Service

C&W SAP as a Service allows organizations to have a platform for efficient SAP solutions (infrastructure, connectivity, implementation, management, operation, monitoring, support, redundancy, contingency), maximizing their performance and minimizing the costs. C&W SAP as a Servicewill allow you to have the development, testing, production, Disaster Recovery, and quality environments within the appropriate time and budget. Our solution covers C&W SAP as a Service for analytics, corporate, in-memory, and mobile technologies.

By contracting our C&W SAP as a Service solution, organizations will have more time and resources to focus on their business since it provides the following benefits:

  • No upfront investment in infrastructure, Datacenter, and quality services
  • Control of expenses Fixed monthly cost for using the solution
  • Reduction of levels of risk (greater security and availability)
  • No multiple providers (HW, SF, OS, and support)
  • Fast provisioning of equipment
  • No annual payment of licensing and maintenance
  • Control of obsolescence of equipment
  • Speed in meeting your business needs
  • Greater flexibility to meet your commercial needs
  • Greater quality of IT services for your business
  • Focus on the IT activities of the business
  • Focus on your management activities instead of your operating activities
  • No CapEx
  • No general expenses (power, cooling, Datacenter space)

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