Integrated Cloud IT Solutions

Fully managed apps and mission critical systems: hosted, available and secure



With Cable and Wireless Cloud IT Services you now have the chance to deliver a new standard in IT services: at greater performance and reduced downtime:

  • Running many types of platforms: x86, Power and Sparc
  • Supporting several datacenter architectures: Private or Public Clouds, IaaS, DRaaS and Colocation
  • Enabling you to run multiple workloads: Critical and core applications, cloud-bursting, test-dev environments and even DRaaS
  • Accelerating app deployment
  • Optimizing performance
  • And assuring business continuity

Stop worrying about IT, and start thinking about what your next app needs to be.


Why C&W Business?

We offer a comprehensive, ONE STOP SHOP for IT services, to make sure you deliver GREAT Customer Experiences.

Lean on us to create new operational efficiencies, and deliver a new standard in IT services.

We have a DEDICATED TEAM of experts working with companies like yours 24/7. We know what GREATNESS looks like and we want to help you get there.

Take the complexity out of IT and start creating BETTER Customer Experiences and LEANER Business operations.

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Multicloud Business Solutions

Consider all the options in the cloud that your company needs, now in the same contract, it is possible. This new multicloud environment is a simple, secure and scalable solution, centralized in a single portal for the operation of cloud services.

Image for C&W Business Cloud Continuity

C&W Business Cloud Continuity

Keeps clients “always on”, up and running during any unexpected disturbance.

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Cloud Infrastructure

All the benefits and flexibility of cloud computing, without upfront investments.

Image for Enterprise Virtual Desktops

Enterprise Virtual Desktops

A VDI infrastructure ready to scale

Image for Business Applications as a Service

Business Applications as a Service

Fully managed solutions for hosting: email platforms, private document clouds, or even SAP

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