Hotel Analytics

Networking, Security and Mobile Workforce.

Three services that offer different insights about Wi-Fi users and tools to improve the mobile user experience at clients’ locations. Specific use cases and applications are also enabled through advanced techniques such as social network authentication and location based analyses.​

Retail Analytics​

Captive portal that captures user information, enables social media interaction and real time marketing campaign, specifically tailored for retail stores.​

Advanced Analytics​

Personalized captive portal, with advanced user verfication mechanisms such as SMS and email, and integration with billing systems to provide metered services.​

Location Based Analytics​

Real time interaction with mobile devices to provide location based services, by combining the wi-fi network with beacons. Personalized mobile app also enhance the functionality and enable specific use cases.​
*All services include Web Portals to provide real time information, as well as several types of reports.



General Features:

  • Easy installationOn premise controller is needed or Virtual Controller. 

  • It integrates with the available network infrastructure. We must have the Managed WiFi Service to have full access of the equipment’s.

  • Available dashboard to display statistics on the WiFi network users.

  • Secure software that keeps your business protected.

  • Visitors can enter the network through their account in social networks, such as FB or Twitter.


Hospitality Portal – Power at your finger tips

  • Customize the login page.​
  • Rapidly access reports.​
  • Place the Company logo.​
  • Integration with social networks.
  • Client´s detailed reports.​
  • Information on how to use Wifi.​
  • Details on the location of the consumer.​
  • Create advertising campaigns such as coupons and banners to send to connected users.
  • Marketing.​
  • Set campaigns for distribution through customer devices.​
  • Analysis and display of information regarding the promotion.

What can the client do?

Understanding your guests, where they are, what they want, and engaging them… smartly!

Managed networking, Security and Mobile Workforce

BEACONS – Use Case, Retail

Retailers can install beacons in the hotel’s stores and use them to send tailored offers and notifications to guests depending on what type of customer they are (i.e. new vs. returning) or where the customer is located in the store.​ For example, if a regular customer walks into a shop, that retailer can send her a “welcome back” message or even a personalized offer based on her previous purchases. ​ Or, let’s say a customer is browsing the menswear department. The in-store beacon will be able to detect where he is, and send him a relevant coupon for say, belts or ties depending on what he’s looking at.

BEACONS - Use Case, Retail

BEACONS – Use Case, Hospitality

  • Use gamification to reward your customers: venue mayor, daily mayor, challenges.​
  • Based on movement patterns, bring up information on people waiting in line: name, image, last orders, etc.
  • Offer information to passing clients about how full a venue is and/or how many free spaces are left.​
  • Outside hotels, you can detect an existing client by checking his data with booking data. That allows you to surprise your client: have the key and info filled out ready, prepare questions regarding his usual meals, drinks, activities.​
  • Automated check-in ​
  • Beacon that broadcasts “do not disturb” based on your settings or preferences in the app.​
  • Unlock doors with Smart watches and mobile devices ​
  • Use a long range beacon to detect incoming customers that have already ordered via their mobile app and have their order done faster.​
  • Organize with other venues and hold a scavenger hunt or a pub crawl.
  • Order food remotely if you are on the terrace of a restaurant and the waiter can pinpoint the table you are seated.​
  • Virtual concierge.​
  • Deliver digital newspapers when they are in the venue while they are drinking their coffee or ordering.
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BEACONS – Use Case, Tourism and tourist attractions. 

  • Allow visitors to read and write comments “attached” to exposition items that other people nearby or in the future will be able to access​
  • Show how much time I have left based on distance from beacons placed along the queue​
  • Take self guided tours​
  • Find points of interest and/or receive maps and info when walking into a museum​
  • Use toilets to show useful information about the venue or future events that will take place​
  • Based on the phone’s language setting, allow employees to know before hand what language to speak in.​
  • On beaches show weather info and a map with important locations for tourists near the beach: lifeguard, police, doctor, drug store.​
  • Skiing information at the base of ski lifts and possible recommendations.
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Retail Analytics in the Hotel and Restaurant Sector​ 

  • Return on investment through advertising campaigns.

  • Returning guests or customers.

  • Generate valuable customer feedback to maintain business standards. ​

  • The significant “share” and “like” on social networks. ​

  • Display of customer demographics.



  • Customizable splash page​​
  • E-Marketing​
  • Social WiFi​
  • Vouchers​
  • Campaign, Facebook and Social interests reports​
  • BYOD​


  • Create a holistic view of your customer data​
  • Charge for the service​
  • Facebook likes percentages, counts and filter by industry,​
  • Network usage by most requested domains, most blocked domains, most requested categories, most blocked categories,  operating system, most popular operating system, average data downloaded, average data usage, browser, data usage (downloaded & uploaded), WiFi usage duration.​


  • Visitor reports by number of logins, social vrs. Forms, most popular location, most popular gender, total WiFi users, WiFi users by day, by age, by gender, top visitors locations, login sources, social network by gender, social network by age.​
  • Customizable reports​
  • Reports by day, by month, by hour in real time, etc.​
  • Reports download by pdf or csv format

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