Port your Business Landline Number to C&W Business

You can now port your business landline phone number to C&W Business. It’s easy! C&W Business Landline voice service offers a feature-rich telephone service with high-quality voice connections and very competitive rates to suit your business needs. Our Landline Voice Service can provide you with competitive, cost-effective voice service including basic calling features.

C&W Business is the only Service provider to offer:

Free Unlimited On-Net Calling

Free calls to Flow and C&W Business Subscribers allows better management of operating costs.

Cost Effective Local and International Rates

C&W Business offers the best international calling rates from a local landline. Get Unlimited International and local landline Bundled Minutes with our Biz Unlimited Talk Package!

Free Popular Call Features

Call waiting, voicemail and line hunting available at no additional cost.

C&W Business Landline Telephone Packages

Biz Unlimited Talk – $293.47*

  • Unlimited Minutes to U.S.A and Canada mobile and landlines
  • Lowest Landline to mobile rates in Trinidad- $0.48 per minute
  • Unlimited Minutes to Local Landlines
  • Unlimited Mins to Landlines in 55 International Destinations
  • Free On-net calls

Biz Basic Talk – $195.64

  • 750 Minutes to Local Landlines, U.S.A and Canada Mobile and Landlines
  • Preferential Landline to mobile rates – $0.59 per minute
  • Free On-Net Calls

Biz Talk as you Go – $146.73

  • Free on Net Calls
  • Low Monthly Rental Charge

*All Prices are VAT Inclusive

To begin, please ensure you have the following Documentation:

  • Recent Bill and Proof of payment of last bill from your existing provider
  • ID of Person coming in to make the request
  • A completed Authorization letter on your company letterhead (download a Microsoft Word template here– this template must be placed in your company letter). A company stamp must be included
  • A completed port request form- this can be downloaded here or can be filled out at a Flow Retail Centre. Please indicate you are conducting the transaction for a Business.
Download Authorization Letter
Download Port Request Form

How do I start the process?

1) Go to a Flow retail centre with the above documents and tell them that you would like to transfer your number to a C&W/Flow Business Package. 2) The staff will verify your documents or direct you to complete the required documents and verify same. You will need to provide them with a mobile number for the verification process 3) The staff will forward your documents to the Business Department. A representative from this department will contact you by phone within 12 hours(during regular working hours) to discuss your phone package options 4) Once you have selected your phone package, the Agent will submit your request. This will involve an electronic request to your current provider to release your number to C&W Business/Flow. 5) You will receive instructions to verify your request via text message to the mobile number you provided.  Please follow the steps for verification. This must be done within 48 hours of receiving the text message. If verification is not completed in this time-frame, the request will be automatically cancelled and you will need to start from the beginning 6) The C&W Agent will check on the status of your porting request and advise you of the response from your current provider and contact you when the response is received 7) If your port request is approved by your current provider, the Business Sales Agent will forward additional documentation to complete your transaction. If your port request is denied/rejected by your current provider, the Business Sales Agent will advise you and indicate the steps you must take before resubmitting a request.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is number portability?

Number Portability (NP) means you can keep your current landline (fixed) if you decide to change from one service provider (or operator) to another within Trinidad. You can now change service providers without having to change your telephone number. So, switching between service providers will mean you will not have to advise your customers and clients that your number has changed.

What are the benefits of Number Portability?

Number Portability enables you to switch providers and benefit from better rates without having to change your phone number.

What is porting?

Porting describes the process which moves your number from one service provider to another.

Will number portability also mean that I can switch my landline number to my mobile phone service?

No, numbers can only be ported between the same service, so a landline or fixed telephone number can only be ported to another landline service.

When will number portability begin?

Number portability will begin on November 28th 2016 for landline (fixed to fixed only).

Will I be able to port my telephone number to a provider in another country?

No, a number may only be ported within Trinidad.

How much will switching service providers cost me?

There will be no charge by the service provider from which you are porting your number. For a limited time (until December 31st, 2016) No charge will be applied by C&W Business. However, subsequent to this, one time installation fees may apply.


There will be a bi-annual charge of TTD$0.50 Vat inclusive payable in January and July of each year. This is an agreed fee between all landline service provides and the Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad and Tobago (TATT).

Will there be ‘hidden’ costs/charges?

There will be no hidden charges to porting. However, before you are able to port, you will be required to pay off any outstanding balances owed or contractual charges* that may be owing to your current provider before being able to port. *Contractual charges may be incurred as a result of prematurely ending a contract with your current service provider. Please check with your current provider to confirm if there are any contractual charges if you would like to port your number to our network.


Who will be eligible for number portability service?

Any landline (fixed) customer with an active account whose number has not been barred/disconnected or suspended from making outgoing calls.

Can a service provider under any circumstance, refuse to port my number?

Yes. A service provider may do so, if your number has:
  • Been barred or suspended for non-payment or any other reason.
  • If there are unpaid balances on your account
  • Your contract has not yet expired. You must pay off your contract before you request to port your number
  • Been ported in the last 180 days

Can I port my number if I have a disputed balance with my current service provider?

Yes. If your number has not been disconnected you are eligible for porting, but you still remain liable to pay any outstanding balances.

Do I need permission from my current service provider to switch to another provider?

No. You do not need permission.

Will I need to cancel my existing service contract before switching to another provider?

No. You should not cancel your service.

What happens during the wait time?

You will still be able use your current provider’s service and you will be liable to pay the usage of this service between the initiation of the port request and when the port is finalized. Note: Your current service provider will issue a bill for this usage on your current account even though you have moved to another service provider. You will still be liable to pay this bill.

Will I lose my voicemail messages when I port?

Yes, you will lose your voicemail messages.

Can I cancel my request to port to my number?

No, you cannot cancel your request once your porting request forms are completed signed and submitted to your new service provider’s office You can only port once every 6 months (180 days)


Can I switch back to my old service provider if I change my mind?

No, you cannot for a minimum period of 6 months (180 days).

Can I switch back to my old service provider if I’m not happy with the service?

In a situation where you experience a poor grade of service upon porting a fixed line, the issue should be reported immediately to the new provider. If there is no satisfactory resolution to the problem within ten (10) working days of the report, you can initiate a port back to your old service provider.

Is my former service provider permitted to dissuade me after I have decided to switch?

No, your former service provider is only allowed to contact you to recover any outstanding debts.

Can a toll-free number be ported?

No, a toll-free number is not eligible for porting.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with porting?

All communications concerning the porting process should happen between you and your new service provider only. The Contact No. is 224-CORP (2677)

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