Trinidad and Tobago Hoteliers to Get a Boost with C&W Business Hospitality Solution

Posted March 14th, 2018

Hoteliers in Trinidad and Tobago can now enhance their guests’ viewing experience with C&W Business’ Next Generation Hospitality Interactive TV solution which will be launched at two events next week. This innovative digital video solution is already making the difference for businesses in other islands in the Caribbean, where hotel and resort operators have implemented the solution to give their guests an unmatched viewing experience, to complement their stay in paradise. The great news for hoteliers is that this new hospitality Interactive TV solution does not require time-consuming, expensive upgrades to existing infrastructure. It doesn’t matter what type of wiring the hotel is using – the new Interactive TV solution can be deployed across any type of infrastructure, eliminating the need to reinvest in re-cabling or shutting down rooms for time-consuming renovations. Tobago hoteliers will be introduced to this new solution on March 13 at the Coco Reef Hotel while on March 15, the product will be unveiled at Hilton Trinidad. Minister of Tourism Shamfa Cudjoe is scheduled to deliver the feature address at both events. The C&W Business Hospitality Suite includes features such as Interactive TV, the most sophisticated TV service available in the region, providing guests with on-demand delivery of a variety of HD content and access to popular streaming services plus an easy-to-use program guide to help hotel guests find their favourite TV channel or discover specific hotel information such as restaurants, bars and local attractions, right from their TV. Other advanced features include the ability for guests to control in-room TVs from their Smartphones, as well as access TV content on their iOS and Android mobile devices. The solution can also be paired with C&W’s other leading-edge hospitality services such as, Managed Wi-Fi, Digital Signage, Retail & Location Analytics and Property Monitoring – giving industry players an integrated end-to-end solution, designed to enrich their hospitality product and improve the overall experience for their customers. President of C&W Caribbean Garry Sinclair has noted that most of the markets in which C&W operates depend on tourism to drive their economies. Therefore C&W’s investment in world-leading business solutions technology can support the hotel sector to provide products and services that are on par with international standards, meets customers’ changing life- style needs and enhances their visitor experience. This means more business will be attracted to the Region. Since Trinidad and Tobago is seeking ways to diversify its economy, focusing on tourism as one pillar to deepen the national purse, acquiring the Next Generation Hospitality Interactive TV is an important step toward enhancing the products being offered in tourism and hospitality sectors to attract more visitors. Investment in this type of technology will complement the natural beauty of the twin island while demonstrating that innovative products and services can propel the Trinidad and Tobago tourism brand to the next level. Accessibility as well as prompt and efficient customer service are very much necessities that can be leveraged through these suites. Trinidad and Tobago now joins Jamaica, Barbados, Cayman, St. Kitts, Turks and Caicos, and St. Lucia.

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