C&W Business Recognised As A Niche Player In 2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant For Disaster Recovery As A Service

Posted August 15th, 2017

Much more than enabling clients to simply restore their technological infrastructure, C&W has developed a series of integrated solutions that enable clients to automate and orchestrate all of their production environments in combination with their disaster recovery. With C&W’s solutions, all the repetitive activities, monitoring, alarms, DR tests, and much more can be programmed to execute automatically, on specific dates, and/or on command with a click of a mouse button. In addition, because we understand our enterprise clients’ needs, we have integrated the most varied platforms: It doesn’t matter if your company is running on Windows, Linux, AIX, IBM i (formerly AS400), or Solaris, we have a solution for you. Same with virtually any hypervisor. Delivering disaster recovery of SAP and Oracle databases are not simple “move data and activate VMs” tasks. There are procedures and proper activation sequences that must be done. C&W’s DRaaS solutions enable clients to program all of these procedures to be executed in the exact order that will allow databases to come online in advance of applications and right after being tested for integrity. This year, Gartner has significantly changed their evaluation criteria, what has caused major changes in the DRaaS Magic Quadrant compared to the 2016 edition. In fact, this year, C&W Business is positioned in the Niche Player quadrant, which, we believe, truly demonstrates C&W’s focus in our niche market segment formed by the Caribbean, Central America, and South America regions considered a niche market as compared to global providers serving companies all around the world. Even being recognized as a Niche Player, C&W Business is positioned highest in their ability to execute within this quadrant, which demonstrates the satisfaction of the service we provide for our clients. Finally, this year Gartner has published their Critical Capabilities for Disaster Recovery as a Service report in tandem with the DRaaS MQ. In the CCDR report, C&W Business has been recognized as with the fourth highest product score in the Small-Enterprise Customer Environment Use Case (3.53 out of 5) and the Midsize-Enterprise Customer Environment Use Case (3.41 out of 5). Truly the focus of our niche Caribbean and Latin American markets. Download the full press release HERE

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