Managed Sandbox

Protect your organization from advanced attacks and detect known and unknown malware threats before they affect the integrity and continuity of your infrastructure.
&W Managed Sandbox provides advanced protection from threats or Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). This service is the best combination of mitigation, visibility of threats (classified by level of risk), and proactive detection. Its primary objective is to identify the threats that other security platforms (such as IDP or Antivirus) may overlook. C&W Managed Sandbox executes malicious or suspicious files in a closed environment separated from your network and replicates the behavior of the end-user system. This allows for identifying the level of danger. Every time a threat is identified, the service automatically takes the appropriate security measures such as the antivirus signatures. It also sends the client exhaustive reports with a hierarchical classification of the dangers detected.
  • This service can be integrated with our C&W Managed UTM/C&W Email Security services which is an improvement and does not duplicate the security infrastructure
  • URLs (web sites) can be scanned to help you identify those that contain malicious content
  • Generation of exhaustive reports with a hierarchical classification of the dangers detected
  • Analysis of all protocols through a single device
  • Access to a dashboard that shows a classification per risk to accelerate the response to incidents
  • Execution of programs and suspicious files in a secure environment to analyze their effects in real time
  • Attention to incidents 24/7 by experts who proactively detect potential threats
  • Monitoring and attention to incidents 24/7
  • Access to a state-of-the-art infrastructure with no upfront investment
  • Detection and mitigation of threats quickly and efficiently
  • Additional layer of protection as part of a coordinated defense
  • Detection of unknown threats (Zero Day)
  • Ensured Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Physical or virtual solution that can be implemented in the client’s Data Center

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