Price Adjustments Effective June 1, 2024​

C&W Business remains committed to the continued expansion and improvement of our telecommunications network as we provide our customers with superior products and services.​

Therefore, we periodically review and redesign our product offerings to deliver even greater value to our customers. To this end, effective June 1, 2024, C&W Business will be adjusting the rates and allocations of some of its broadband, watch and talk packages.​

Meeting the evolving digital needs of our customers is our ongoing focus and, so there will be at least a 25% upgrade in the speeds of some of our broadband packages.​

We continue to listen to our customers and provide them with great services at the most affordable rates. Customers who have questions or need assistance can contact C&W Business by dialing 1-800-744-0222.​



Sincerely, ​


Team C&W Business​



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why are the prices being increased?

The price increase is necessary to accommodate rising costs due to inflation, ongoing investments in network infrastructures and enhancements to our service offering. The adjustment ensures that we can continue to deliver high quality services to meet your business needs effectively.

When will the price increase take effect?

The price increase will take effect on June 1, 2024. You will see the updated pricing reflected on your next billing statement following this date.

How will customers be notified of these changes?

Customers will be notified via email and website updates.

How much will my bill increase by?

The specific increase will vary depending on the services & plans you currently subscribe to. You will receive detailed information outlining the changes in pricing for your specific account on your next bill.

What specific services or plans are affected by the price increase?

The price increase may impact various services and plans. You will receive information outlining any changes relevant to your account.

Is the price increase applicable to all business customers?

The price increase applies to specific services which will be outlined on your next bill.

Will there be any changes or improvements to the services or features offered alongside the price increase?

We continuously invest in upgrading and expanding our network infrastructure, enhancing service quality and introducing innovative features to better serve our customers.

How often do we adjust prices?

We aim to minimize the frequency of such adjustments while ensuring the continued quality and reliability of our services. Price adjustments are made periodically based on changes in market conditions, operational costs and service offerings.

How will the price increase be reflected on my billing statement?

The price increase will be clearly indicated on your next billing statement.

Will I be exempted from the price increase if I am already in contract?

The price increase may be applicable dependent on your contract. This can be discussed with your Account Manager.

Who can I contact if I have further questions about my account?

Customers who have further questions or need assistance can contact our dedicated support team by dialing 1-800-744-0222 or your respective Account Manager.

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