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Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) on Demand


Integrated ACD targets a typical small business call center that needs routing, queuing and reporting functionality.

Agents can have membership in multiple call queues, and have a Web interface to monitor their performance. Supervisors have the ability to actively monitor calls, either coaching the agent or entering the call, if required. Key performance indicators can be monitored by agents and supervisors alike, and can be displayed on a wallboard. A multitude of reports can be run on either a scheduled or ad hoc basis.

Our solution offers two levels of functionality to allow enterprise customers to build a remote agent contact center.

Integrated ACD Standard Agent provides contact center supervisors with a simple dashboard and ready access to detailed statistics and reports. Agents also gain a dashboard view analyzing real-time status of the queues assigned to them.

Integrated ACD Premium Agent provides added supervisor features such as Live Agent Monitoring, allowing supervisors to provide “whisper” coaching to agents if required. Customizable agent status codes then provide a full view into what agents are accomplishing when not taking calls from the queue, while Agent Wrap-up provides management with a summary of the types of calls received or the final disposition of a call.


  • Inbound Call Center
  • Agents Active in Up to 20 Queues Simultaneously
  • 64 Agents per queue Queuing Treatments
  • Music on Hold/Announcement on Hold
  • Multiple Announcements
  • Login/Logout
  • Simple Administration
  • CommPortal BG Admin

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