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Total Network Management

Ensure the availability and performance of your business processes by taking a holistic approach to network management.

Total Network Management is a “turnkey” solution that will allow you to connect your headquarters with remote locations quickly and effectively while implementing global industry best practices to ensure Quality of Service for business-critical applications.

All services are delivered through our own regional state-of-the-art fiber optic network providing scalable bandwidth capacity and multiple physical paths to ensure total redundancy with no single points of failure.

Total Network Management integrates the following services:

Our regional Customer Service Centers (CSCs) and Network Operation Centers (NOCs) ensure the seamless and coordinated operations of the Total Network Management solution 24/7/365 through a single Service Level Agreement (SLA).


  • Focus on your core business and meet the IT challenges of the 21st century
  • Quickly access state-of-the-art technology with no upfront investment
  • A single supplier for the administration and implementation of all your services
  • An SLA that meets all of your business requirements
  • Access to a team of certified specialists who work on managing incidents and the continuous improvement of your network
  • Implementation of MPLS, LAN, and wireless networks in an optimized and efficient way
  • Monitor network traffic to prioritize core business services and increase the speed of critical applications.


  • Monitoring and incident management 24/7/365
  • Service Level Agreement
  • Implementation of QoS with granularity per application
  • Management of the WAN, LAN, and Wi-Fi networks
  • Visibility of traffic going across your network
  • Captive portal for gathering information on end users connected to the Wi-Fi networks
  • Real-time reports on network behavior
  • State-of-the-art technologies
  • Scalable growth, according to business growth trends.

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You are browsing the U.S. - Corporate version of our website. If that's not accurate,
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