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Managed WiFi

Deliver a reliable Wi-Fi service to support critical business processes. Allow your users to move freely around the offices without any interference, changing Access Point (AP) transparently without losing connection to the network and applications.

C&W Managed Wi-Fi helps you solve problems associated with the increase in the number of users as well as fixed and mobile devices that rely on wireless networks: integration, interference, and scalability. You may offer coverage in outdoor and indoor areas, where the integration of indoor and outdoor solutions –managed from a single console– is required.

C&W Managed Wi-Fi is a “turnkey” solution that includes all the necessary services to provide a reliable Wi-Fi infrastructure. This includes an on-site survey and design of the solution, the provision of hardware, implementation, configuration, etc.

C&W Managed Wi-Fi delivers a robust platform for managing your wireless network infrastructure with a qualified staff, certified in implementing Wi-Fi solutions. This service also includes incident management and monitoring of the solution 24/7/365 by our CSC(Customer Service Center) team. The management of all devices is performed remotely and allows you to manage your wireless network platforms effectively and efficiently, complying with the best practices for implementing and managing IT services.


  • Integration with your User Data Base (Active Directory or LDAP) or RADIUS for authentication
  • Captive Portal for User sign-on and management
  • Support for wireless protocols up to 802.11n
  • Load Balancing across Access Points to manage User demand
  • Multiple SSID’s: Segment your network for different user types e.g. Private Users, Guest Users etc.


  • Support 24/7/365
  • Management costs for wireless network are reduced
  • Access to a team of experts certified in wireless network technologies
  • Highly efficient performance for supporting a high quantity of simultaneous of users
  • Control of all APs from a single controller
  • On-site survey and implementation with insured coverage.Access to cutting-edge technology without capital investment

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You are browsing the U.S. - Corporate version of our website. If that's not accurate,
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