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About Us

Whether it is to improve productivity, streamline efficiencies, increase speed to market or exploit new opportunities, C&W Business offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions that enables organizations of any size to achieve their goal.

We are history makers, changing the telecommunications landscape across Latin America and the Caribbean. Our company offers our region uncompromising service and products to business and government customers.

Anchored on our modern sub-sea fiber optic infrastructure and over 140 years of industry experience and mobile leadership, our team is committed to the creation of the next generation of communications and IT services and solutions for our customers.

Central to our products and services is a committed, professional, top industry talented team, focused on delivering unmatched customer service.

Our goal is that our submarine fiber, data, broadband, mobile, and voice networks, combined with our strategically positioned data centers, will help business and government organizations break their communication and collaboration barriers, protect their networks, secure their valuable data and better serve their customers so they can focus on growing their business.

As the new combined company, we offer our customers the next generation of high-performance networks, products, and solutions, including comprehensive IT services, cloud solutions, and next generation mobile business solutions, while empowering the “Internet of Things”.  We support these using the strong foundation of our modern, redundant fiber network, our unparalleled customer service, and the best customer-centered talent.

Even as we enable our customers and employees to grow, expand, and reach their goals, our commitment to social development in our region remains unwavering and is entrenched in our corporate promise to you: the countries and people we serve.

We are changing the telecommunications landscape and our mission is to drive industry transformation, commit to social development and work to catapult development in your region.

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You are browsing the U.S. - Corporate version of our website. If that's not accurate,
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